We're are currently seeking and collecting supplies for the making of Home Care Kits.  Here is how you may help:

 These are some items we are graciously accepting:

  • New Nursery Cotton Fabric or Flannel Fabric for bibs and burp clothes.

  • To see examples go to Joann's Fabrics online.  Snuggle Flannel is preferred.

  • Notebook Journals (5 x 7 preferred).  You can find these online at the Dollar Tree for a great price.

  • New quality pens.  You can also find these at your local dollar store or get them while on sale during "School Supplies" sales

  • Other NIB (new in box) miscellaneous mommy self care items like Chapstick or lipbalm.

  • Individual packs of tissues and / or baby wipes

  • Other mommy self and home care items, as they are made available through the generous donations of local businesses and other non-profits.

 Any other suggestions?   Send us an email via the contact tab and tell us how you can help!

 Home Care Kits (HCK) are part of the Confessions of a Mother's Heart Ministry (COMH).  They are given to new moms and continuing   moms on an as needed basis or when the opportunity presents itself.

 What is in a Home Care Kit?

  • Invitation to attend a COMH or T n' T  Event
  • Socorro Gill’s personal Postpartum Depression (PPD) testimony and COMH book, containing her blogs.
  • Leaflet(s) describing PPD; What to do if they identify with it and how to get help.
  • Leaflets of information from local partnering organizations for family resources.
  • Baby bib and burp cloth as hand sewn and provided by dedicated volunteers.
  • A Notebook Journal
  • Quality Pen
  • Chapstick or lip balm
  • Individual Kleenex Tissue pack and / or baby wipes

 Goals of COMH Home Care Kits:

  1. Raise awareness of Postpartum Depression (PPD) in local communities;
  2. To invite women to attend events that provide mentoring opportunities as a woman and mom;
  3. Facilitate COMH events in order to bring hope of recovery and provide opportunities for effective parenting skills through one-on-one or peer group relationships.

 How do I make a donation?

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 TLC Squared Ministries

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We greatly appreciate your generous donations!

  Thank you for support!

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