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Confessions of a Mother's Heart Groups

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  • Confessions of a Mother's Heart, COMH-Unity Support groups are for women and mothers, who are seeking peer-to-peer encouragement in parenting, spiritual growth and fellowship opportunities. We will gather for personal testimonies, book studies, and building mentor or peer advisor relationships regularly or as each group desires.
  • We will meet in coffee shops, personal homes, local parks, churches or libraries as the locations become available and as the group’s needs dictate.
  • The groups are based on the TLC Squared Facebook page. 

If you received a ​Home Care Kit from the Confessions of a Mother's Heart Ministry then consider yourself blessed!  Only a few will be given each year.  They are given to new moms and continuing moms on an as needed basis or when the opportunity presents itself.

Goals of COMH Home Care Kits:

Raise awareness of Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Anxiety in the local community and to provide peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities for women that facilitate healthy relationships and the hope of recovery.

The following is adapted from the Confessions of a Mother's Heart, COMH-Unity Support Group site on Facebook:

  • By being a part of this community you are taking a step toward developing authentic and lasting relationships that may help re-create your home one day at a time, and as a result your local community.
  • This is a place where you are encouraged to connect with one another in small groups and as much as you are able to.

There will NOT be quarterly gatherings facilitated until further notice.  BUT, you can still connect online through Facebook or Instagram!

  • Mentor Moms and Peer Moms are committed to keeping your conversations private.  They have a passion for serving women and moms in this group.
  • Mentor and Peer Moms are pre-screened and must go through a series of training exercises so they are better equipped to help you and be ready if and when you want to reach out to them on a one-on-one basis.  They must also sign a Statement of Faith that reflects the TLC Squared Ministries Advisory Team guidelines.

In this COMH-Unity support group, you are encouraged to ask questions about motherhood, parenting, spiritual growth and other related topics.

Ground rules:  LOVE is the filter we say everything through in this community.  SO, no rude posts please or any political issues.  ONLY what is mentioned at the top of this long section ;-).

You are also encouraged to read and discuss questions or statements from my newly released Confessions of a Mother's Heart 
book which is available on
I pray you find the support you have been craving and that this becomes one of the best online and offline communities you are

a part of.  If you know of anyone that would be interested, invite them and mention your name as a reference.

Thanks again for joining the COMH-Unity movement!
Socorro Gill