We're in the midst of recruiting qualified and passionate volunteers to help with the sewing of bibs and burp cloths, work our upcoming annual events and give of their time and finances, as the Lord leads.  Are you interested?  

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We Connect families with local churches and other family friendly organizations that want to provide free or low cost education and resources to those seeking assistance in building a healthier and happier home, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  

Ways to Connect:

Annual Family Conference, “Re-creating Homes” - We attempt to provide families a network of support by connecting them to healthy family building resources through workshops provided by partnering organizations for a low cost or free of charge, when possible. 

  • Check back for the upcoming 2019 - 2020 dates and locations!

Confessions of a Mother's Heart (COMH) - Groups where women are given an opportunity to gather on a regular basis for moral support:

  • This is a group for moms who are going through or have experienced any form of anxiety or depression during or after pregnancy and who want to get peer-to-peer support from other moms, as well as give emotional support (be mentor moms to others), over a cup of coffee/tea. 
  • We meet in coffee shops, personal homes, local parks, churches or libraries as the locations become available and as the group’s needs dictate.
  • Check back for the upcoming 2018 dates and locations!

  • ​HCK's are part of the Confessions of a Mother's Heart Ministry by Socorro Gill.  They are given to new moms and continuing moms on an as needed basis or when the opportunity presents itself.

What is in a HCK?

  • ​Invitation to attend a COMH or T n' T Event
  • Voucher for e-book of COMH containing Socorro Gill’s personal PPD testimony and blogs.
  • Leaflet(s) describing PPD; What to do if they identify with it and how to get help.
  • Leaflets of information from local partnering organizations for family resources.
  • Baby bib and burp cloth as hand sewn and provided by dedicated volunteers.
  • Notebook Journals
  • Quality Pen
  • Chapstick or lipbalm
  • Individual tissue pack

Goals of COMH* Home Care Kits:

  • Raise awareness of Postpartum Depression (PPD) in the local community and to provide peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities for women that facilitate healthy relationships and the hope of recovery.

To learn more about "Connecting"  with us send us your questions or comments by sending us an email and we'll get back to you asap!

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