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2022 End of ear Update

January 2023

Dear Family, Friends and Passionate Donors,

I am writing to you today from a grateful, but somewhat mournful heart.  As you know from my last letter, I was hospitalized from Covid a year ago.  There were many complications, but by the prayers of many saints and God’s grace I am as recouped as I am going to get.  Thankfully that means I’m off all medications and have the energy to continue to work for our personal business while I also manage to work on my bi-monthly social media posts for ministry outreach.

Last time I wrote to you I made a plea for more financial support, $30,000 to be exact.  But it did not come in.  We did receive a few love gifts totaling just under $1000, but not nearly enough to allow me to be put on staff, even part time.  I’m at another turning point.

Our ministry’s heart is to “Re-create Homes One Family at a Time by Sharing the love of Christ through Teaching, Loving and Connecting”. 

This vision has been my passion for the last eight years.  But, after the last couple of unprecedented years I have lost steam in continuing to pursue it at the same level.  I’ve been struggling with how to say it, but it must be said.  I either have to dissolve this ministry or slow it way down until there is more momentum to move it forward.  Before I talk more about that, here are some quick points on what we have been able to do I the past two and a half years because of previously made donations from generous donors like you:

  • Completed Part 1 of Phase 2 of the ACBC Counseling Certification
  • Socorro turned in written theological exam
  • Offered a limited amount of beginning sewing classes to homeschool students / families to raise minimal funds to support the daily operating costs of running this ministry in 2021; 
  • Completed a yearlong campaign on a couple of social media outlets from 2021’s book study (Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson)
  • Completed a yearlong campaign on “Praying for Your Children” from several resources in 2022
  • Shared the Gospel with our family, friends, and co-workers;
  • Distributed 16+ Home Care Kits to moms;
  • Made a new connection with another local church for distribution of Home Care Kits!

 We’re looking forward to the following in 2023:

  • Continuing to share the love of Christ and Connect families to local churches and biblical mental health resources through the distribution of Home Care Kits
  • Continuing to steadily grow a stronger online ministry presence through a regular marketing strategy to reach more individuals/families who want our help.
  • Attending the ACBC Conference – The Association of Christian Biblical Counselors is having their annual conference in southern California.  We will receive continuing education for our counseling ministry.

Why give to TLC Squared?

Your financial and prayerful support will enable our family to reach more individuals and families in need of emotional and sound biblical support and counseling when we have regular office hours.  When you give to TLC Squared Ministries you are not only supporting our mission-based ministry but also the families that can’t get support through traditional or even church-based counseling ministries.  You will be helping us to put hands and feet on the ground, to share the love of Christ in a very tangible way, through a listening ear (online or in-person) and growing God’s kingdom on earth.  Would you unite with us and be one of the “heart-to-heart” donors?  Give whatever amount God puts on your heart to help us reach the hearts of the hurting souls!

If we do not receive enough donations this year to establish dedicated office hours, at least once a week, we will most likely have to more seriously consider dissolving this endeavor.  In the meantime, I will continue to do what I can with the time God has given me.  I would like to be the dedicated paid time staff to maintain and focus on continuing to build on the already existing church connections through the Home Care Kits.  Even more importantly, I want to be available to individuals, especially moms who need a regular time to be ministered to through in person, phone call or Zoom peer counseling as they face similar issues to ours. Consider how you may still support this ministry.

Ways to Support TLC Squared:

1. You can make a one-time or recurring monthly tax-deductible donation today by going online to or by sending a check to TLC Squared at P.O. Box 621213, Littleton, CO 80162.  Please make checks payable to TLC Squared. 

2. You can become a sponsor!  Have a resource to offer families? Are you a business owner who wants to empower families in your local community? Go to our website or contact us today to learn how you can partner with TLC Squared and become a Platinum ($3K), Gold ($2K), Silver ($1.5K) or Bronze ($500) annual sponsor today!

In Christ’s Love,

Troy and Socorro Gill
TLC Squared Ministries
Phone: 303-859-3241