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2021 Annual Review

Greetings from Colorado!
The year 2020 was a tough year for our family, as it very likely was for many around the world.  Troy lost his job of 20+ years in October of that year only to gain employment in May of 2021, and then lose it again in early August of 2021.  As a result, our family dynamics were reorganized and tested again.  I went back to full-time work outside the home from February to the end of July of this year.  But, in the interim, God was moving in Troy and I in another area of our lives we hadn’t thought much about in a while. We’d always talked about having our own bed and breakfast, but never pulled the trigger, so to speak.  I’ll pause here to share more about our previous endeavors so you can have more insight on how God was weaving a beautiful tapestry in our lives and the lives of families in need in all our trials.

Since we wrote to you last, Troy and I continued to pursue our ACBC (Association of Christian Biblical Counselors) training and certification process.  I did complete part 1 of phase 2 which was answering 24 theological questions.  I was also able to continue the informal, but semester long class to help me complete my counseling exam questions, which was very inspiring and encouraging! 

After leaving my temporary, but fulltime job at Sam’s in early August, I was able to minister to very needy families in Honduras in a more hands-on manner through a collaborative effort with BMDMI (Baptist Medical Dental Missions International) as a missionary for one week.  Under my team’s care we were able to meet with about 200+ families to receive medical, dental, optical and spiritual needs.  Praise God!!

Now, back to God’s work in our lives while Troy was out of work and I went back to work…In the time between Troy losing his two jobs and me working my temporary, but fulltime job, God stirred in us a desire to open up our own business.  We didn’t anticipate Troy being completely out of work when we started the business, but that is how God worked it out.  I also didn’t initially plan on going into full-time work as an associate at Sam’s and sharing my testimony in a letter just before I left for my mission trip in August. If you want to hear more about that, give me a call.  I would love to share the letter and a few more details about that.  All I will say now is that one of the retired associates is now working for our new business, an estate sales franchise company, and we are seeing the fruit of God’s Spirit stirring in her life as result of it!  I also invited my ex-associates to church and sent them text invitations to the church’s live on-line sermons and other church community events while working with them and after leaving Sam’s.

While all of the above was happening, I was also still homeschooling two of our three daughters, Bethany, our 9th grader and Abigail, our 11th grader, and teaching high school Spanish at a local private Christian Co-op to help pay our bills.  It seems like a lot and it was!  Apparently, we need a lot of God’s refining fire to look more like Jesus.  To pile on top of all of this, one of our children requested the assistance of a counselor.  She was not only struggling with many issues that are related to being a teen, but we were also seeing that we, as her parents, were not going to be able to do this alone.  When I started to look for a counselor in the ACBC arena, let alone some of the referrals that our family physician recommended, I started noticing that she would be put on at least a one-year waitlist!  The ACBC counselor I saw just the previous year, in 2020, was no longer available for regular sessions either!  The church that hosts the counseling ministry had to shut down the incoming requests because they were overloaded.  I couldn’t believe it!  In a time when we felt we were in desperate need, there was nobody that we felt comfortable enough to share our struggles with to turn to. 

Our ministry’s heart is to “Re-create Homes One Family at a Time by Sharing the love of Christ through Teaching, Loving and Connecting”.  In order for us to accomplish this moving forward we need your financial support more now than ever before!  Troy and I are moving as fast as we can to become certified biblical counselors, but we now also have to work for ourselves in order to make a living, which doesn’t always come with a regular and consistent paycheck.  In order for at least one of us to be able to focus more (part-time) on the work of this ministry and reach families like ours, in need of emotional and mental health support through biblical counseling, we are asking for your heartfelt prayers and dedicated, regular financial support. 

Before I talk about that, here are some quick points on what we were able to do this year because of previously made donations from generous donors like you:

  • Completing part 1 of Phase 2 of the ACBC Counseling Certification

  • Turned in written theological exam;

  • Offered a limited amount of beginning sewing classes to homeschool students / families to raise minimal funds to support the daily operating costs of running this ministry; 
  • Completed a yearlong campaign on a couple of social media outlets from this year’s book study (Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson)

  • Socorro met with 4 other moms monthly on Zoom and in-person!
  • Ministered to spiritual needs through prayer and discipleship via bible studies.

  • Shared the Gospel with our family, friends, and co-workers;
  • Distributed 16 Home Care Kits to moms;
  • Made a new connection with another local church for distribution of Home Care Kits!

We’re looking forward to the following in 2022:

  • Continuing to share the love of Christ and Connect families to local churches and biblical mental health resources through the distribution of Home Care Kits;
  • NEW - Begin the in-person/online one-on-one counseling training as part of the ACBC certification;
  • NEW - Collaborating with BMDMI to connect overseas families with donated resources from our new estate sales business while giving our business clients tax-deductible donation receipts for their unsold and gently used clothing and other goods;
  • NEW – Develop and collaborate with local churches and other local nonprofit ministries to connect families with our new business clients and their donated gently used items from our clients, with their permission;
  • NEW - Grow a stronger online ministry presence through a regular marketing strategy to reach more individuals/families who want our help.
  • Five Year Anniversary of TLC Squared.  We were established on January 19th, 2017!

Why give to TLC Squared?

Your generous support will enable our family to reach more individuals and families in need of emotional and sound biblical support and counseling.  When you give to TLC Squared Ministries you are not only supporting our mission-based ministry but also the families that can’t get support through traditional or even church-based counseling ministries.  You will be helping us to put hands and feet on the ground, to share the love of Christ in a very tangible way, through a listening ear (online or in-person) and growing God’s kingdom on earth.  The world is facing a shortage of many workers, especially qualified and passionate biblical counselors.  Would you unite with us and be one of the 100 giving “heart-to-heart” donors?  Give whatever amount God puts on your heart to help us reach the hearts of the hurting souls!

I pray this end of year letter has inspired you to go out and make a difference in your community and around the world.  TLC Squared does not currently have paid staff, but plan to have one soon, depending on your support.  This means your donation will go towards ministry and a very minimal, but necessary salary. In order to move our mission along I would like to be the dedicated paid time staff to maintain and focus on continuing to build on the already existing church connections through the Home Care Kits, the new donations and resources as a result of our family business and follow through with making time to finish my certification.  Even more importantly, I want to be available to individuals, especially moms who need a regular time to be ministered to through in person, phone call or Zoom peer counseling as they face similar issues to the one we had earlier this year.

Ways to Support TLC Squared:

You can make a one-time or recurring monthly tax-deductible donation today by going online to or by sending a check to TLC Squared at P.O. Box 621213, Littleton, CO 80162.  Please make checks payable to Christian Ministry Alliance and write TLC Squared Fund #3014 in the memo line.  We are a fiscally sponsored organization through them.

Thank you in advance for all your prayers and financial support!

In Christ’s Love,

Troy and Socorro Gill
TLC Squared Ministries
Phone: 303-859-3241