Our main ministry goals in 2021 will be to:

1.  Continue Offering Sewing Classes via

  • One-on-one lessons
  • Small private sewing classes

All these classes are a source of income, although very small, to help fund some of our operating costs.

2.  Expand the Distribution of Home Care Kits (HCK):
Home Care Kits (HCK) “Raise positive awareness of Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Anxiety in the local community and provide peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities for women that facilitate healthy relationships and the hope of recovery.”  Although, they are freely given to new moms and growing families on an as needed basis and when the opportunity presents itself, the cost is about $25 per kit.

Through Home Care Kits moms are also invited to attend COMH-Unity Support Group gatherings online and also to occasional live meetup events when possible.  COMH Ministry events are designed to reach the women and moms that need somewhere safe and inviting to connect with others who are seeking hope in their parenting journey.

3.  Continue Business Development:

This means that the COO and President (Troy and Socorro Gill) would participate in any necessary training and/or conferences to learn how to grow this ministry and develop a professional network with other relevant organizations to collaborate on programs.
This November, Troy and I joined a study group that has enabled us to stay on track with our journey to become ACBC counselors (https://biblicalcounseling.com/) to provide FREE one-on-one counseling sessions with individuals in families, especially moms and married couples.

4.  Continue to monitor and grow our online forums through monthly virtual online book club events, regularly publish positive messages (online) during these scary times, and possibly start a podcast!

You can visit the Facebook page or Instagram to connect with and follow us on social media!

5.  Follow-up with in-state and nation-wide churches to supply HCKs for their congregants.

It is our heart’s desire to be able to reach many groups of people in our community, especially churches and mom’s groups so people will be encouraged to walk faithfully with God and not give up, through our initiatives of love.  We would love to come out virtually or in person and share about our ministry with your church or local community.  Please contact us at the number or email provided below.  We would love to share how you can also minister to new parents, especially moms who are feeling alone during their first year of parenting, especially in these uncertain times!
This year we will continue to focus on our main initiatives, as mentioned above.  And, we are praying and planning for slow and steady growth as the doors of opportunity open to continue growing relationships with relevant local organizations.

Would you consider investing in what we believe God is doing through this small family organization?  To speak to Troy or I, please contact us at tlcsquaredorg@gmail.com or leave a message at (303) 859-3241.  If you leave a message we'll contact you within 48 hours.

Ways to give:
You may send a donation to:  PO Box 621213, Littleton, CO 80162 (checks should be made out to Christian Ministry Alliance with a note, “TLC Squared”) or, you may donate below using the link www.tlcsquared.org to set-up monthly payments or make a one-time donation, as you are able.

Blessings in Christ,

Troy and Socorro Gill

Instagram:  @TLCSquaredministies and @Confessions_of_a_mothers_heart
Facebook:  facebook.com/tlcsquared.org and facebook.com/Confessionsofamothersheart

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