Greetings from Colorado!

I am writing to you today to tell you about something that the Lord has been doing in my family’s life.  The last time I wrote to you was to ask for your support and come along with me on a very personal journey; to help me share the love of Christ through the launching of my book and a new ministry, TLC Squared: Endeavoring to “Re-create Homes One Family at a Time” via Teaching, Loving and Connecting families. 

Today, I am giving you an update on what has come about since launching the nonprofit organization, TLC Squared, and publishing my first book “Confessions of a Mother’s Heart – My Struggles and Victories from Calicosey (California, Colorado & New Jersey), Volume 1.

Here’s a list of the things God has accomplished through my family and TLC Squared Ministries from January 2017 through December 2018:

January 2017-2018

  • Created the TLC Squared Website, Facebook Page and COMH-Unity Support Group on Facebook;
  • Recruited the Sewing Team to make bibs and burp cloths for the Home Care Kits
    • There are currently over 15 volunteers ages 13 and up;
  • Hosted Ladies TIME-Out’s in our home every month;

November 2017

  • Sponsored our first Tea ‘n Talk for our local church’s senior luncheon;

December 2017

  • Sponsored second Tea ‘n Talk at Morningstar Assisted Living and Memory Care in Littleton, CO for our local senior community, in partnership with our church;

February 2018

  • Participated in a Missions Fair at a local church to spread the word about our organization;

Offered sewing classes to local residents (ages 8+), which helped raise funds for the ministry;

March 2018

  • Received $3500 from the Alameda Hills Legacy Fund towards our seed fund;
  • Held our first COMH Ministry Information Meeting for those interested in volunteering;

April 2018

  • Attended a Mental Health and First Aid class in Denver to audit and prepare future ministry volunteers for COMH Ministry;
  • Held our first Quarterly COMH Ministry meeting with the Advisory Team;

May 2018

  • Hosted the first TLC Squared Fundraiser and Positive Awareness of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety event with Dr. Steve Scott, Endowed Chair of the PROMISE Clinic, UC Denver.
    • Raised approximately $1900 towards the COMH Ministry, Home Care Kits program through event ticket sales and silent auction.

June 2018

  • Met with Clay Clarkson of Wholeheart Ministries to discuss opportunities to work together.  We received pamphlets to place in the Home Care Kits to invite women to read their books for encouragement in Godly parenting and spiritual growth;

July 2018

  • Held a Tea ‘n Talk at Natural Grocers of Littleton, Colorado, called “Natural Hacks to Support a Healthy Mood”;
  • Held our second COMH Ministry Advisory Team Meeting;
  • Self-published my first book, Confessions of a Mother’s Heart, which can be found on Amazon.  All proceeds for every book sold online go to support TLC Squared Ministries;

August 2018

  • Held first the first COMH-Unity Leadership Training for Mentor and Peer Mom Advisors;
  • Hosted a Meet and Greet for the Littleton COMH-Unity Support Group;
  • Held a Tea ‘n Talk with Dr. Nikki Popper, “Women’s Health: Understanding the Anatomy and Preserving the Pelvic Floor.”
    • We had a great turnout for this event which was held at the Columbine Library;

September 2018

  • Home Care Kit Assembly Day

We had several people gather in our home to put together the items that are placed in our Home Care Kit (HCK).  We were able to put almost 100 sets of kits to distribute to moms on an as needed basis.  Since September, we’ve given away 28 HCKs!  But, every one of them has either been personally handed to a mom or mailed to their home!  We’re hoping to build long lasting relationships with each mom and their family so we can accomplish our goal of “Re-creating Homes One Family at a Time”;

October 2018

  • Held our third Tea ‘n Talk of the year with Charmaine Stockstill, Nutritionist at Vitamin Cottage, Natural Grocers of Littleton;
  • Established relationships with or our personal Adult and Pediatric dentists to distribute and make Home Care Kits available to their patients, as they see fit;

November 2018

  • Held our annual Thanksgiving Ladies TIME-Out gathering;

December 2018

  • Ended the year with a Christmas White Elephant Tea Cup Party to honor and thank the Confessions of a Mother’s Heart, COMH Ministry Advisory Team.

As you have probably noticed, two of our main ministry projects are Tea ‘n Talks & and Home Care Kits.  Through Home Care Kits, provided by TLC Squared, moms are invited to attend COMH-Unity Support Group gatherings and Tea ‘n Talk events, where they will have opportunities to connect with their peers and have opportunities to build mentor relationships to gain hope in their parenting journey, especially if they are struggling with anxiety or postpartum depression.  COMH Ministry & Tea ‘n Talk events are designed to reach the women and moms that need somewhere safe and inviting to connect with others who are like minded.  

It is my heart’s desire to be able to reach as many groups of people in churches, mom’s groups, and women’s events so they will be encouraged to walk faithfully and not give up.

I am thankful to be able to share this family ministry update and vision with you.  I pray you will be spurred on to engage with God and His people, and be about the Lord’s business where you are in your life!

In Christ’s Love,

Socorro Gill
TLC Squared Ministries
President and Co-Founder 

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2018 Annual Review